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Fairmead: A Century of Change by Michael Eissigner

Michael Eissigner authored a small history book about the first 100 years of our unincorporated community of Fairmead. Michael originally wrote this book for Fairmead’s June 2, 2012 centennial celebration where he donated all future proceeds going towards our community’s improvement projects.

In 1912 the Co-operative Land and Title Company set out to build a model farming community near the center of California. For one hundred years, this unincorporated community of Fairmead has been home to a diverse group of immigrants including African American and Hispanic farm workers. This book chronicles many of the changes during the community’s first century.

Th Chowchilla Elementary School District plans on using this book as a text book as part of a local history project with all 5th graders in the district. Besides being available at on-line booksellers, the book is available through our Fairmead community organization “Fairmead Community and Friends”. Click here to order Fairmead: A Century of Change

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