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Caro-Nut Company Inc.

Caro-Nut Company Inc. in Fresno heard on the news last week there were communities in San Joaquin Valley that were fee20160701_103044ling the extremes of the drought and the summer heat. Caro-Nut Co. wanted to do something to help and challenged their employees to donate bottled water for a community and the company would match their amounts.








20160701_102614Through the connections of Self-Help Enterprises, Fairmead Community & Friends picked up over 60 cases of bottled water and will distribute to community residents who are in need due to their dry domestic wells.



Thank you for being a Fairmead Friend Caro-Nut Company!





FC & Friends Bingo Fundraiser


Elaine will tell you a joke to giggle at in between intermissions – no extra charge!


Lois and Shirley are the best supporters by helping to pre-sell our bingo fundraiser tickets.


And make sure to purchase those tickets for that 50/50 raffle we have at each bingo fundraiser. All proceeds go to Fairmead community events.


What a great Fairmead Bingo fundraiser! Everybody always wins when we play Bingo at Farnesi’s Steakhouse. Bingo flyer 6-25-1620160625_151550