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Caro-Nut Company Inc.

Caro-Nut Company Inc. in Fresno heard on the news last week there were communities in San Joaquin Valley that were fee20160701_103044ling the extremes of the drought and the summer heat. Caro-Nut Co. wanted to do something to help and challenged their employees to donate bottled water for a community and the company would match their amounts.








20160701_102614Through the connections of Self-Help Enterprises, Fairmead Community & Friends picked up over 60 cases of bottled water and will distribute to community residents who are in need due to their dry domestic wells.



Thank you for being a Fairmead Friend Caro-Nut Company!





FC & Friends Bingo Fundraiser


Elaine will tell you a joke to giggle at in between intermissions – no extra charge!


Lois and Shirley are the best supporters by helping to pre-sell our bingo fundraiser tickets.


And make sure to purchase those tickets for that 50/50 raffle we have at each bingo fundraiser. All proceeds go to Fairmead community events.


What a great Fairmead Bingo fundraiser! Everybody always wins when we play Bingo at Farnesi’s Steakhouse. Bingo flyer 6-25-1620160625_151550

Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability

April 2, 2016 Fairmead Community & Friends attended a workshop in the community of Calwa in Fresno on “How a bill is introduced into Law”, sponsored by Leadership Counsel and Justice Accountability.  The information was easy to understand by the way it was presented and it was also inspiring to listen and talk to other San Joaquin volunteer community leaders that advocate for their disadvantaged communities just as we do. fb_111537 fb_111710 fb_123052

Thank you to our friends, directors Phoebe Seaton and Veronica Garibay of Leadership Counsel and Justice Accountability for helping us make a difference in our communities.

Fairmead Celebrates Black History Month

At Fairmead Community & Friends February 22, 2016 community meeting more than 20 Fairmead community children ages 6 years to 14 years old performed a brief presentation to recognize African American individuals who played an important part in our history. All children who participated received an award of books, pencils and treats.

Guest speakers/Fairmead residents included Fred Gaines, Bob Tate, Yolanda Bustillos-Gomez and Barbara Brown Steele. The speakers shared their happy remembrances of living in the Fairmead community years ago. They also shared their wisdom of the importance of going to school, working hard and being proud of the community they live in.

Snapshot 1 (4-7-2016 4-59 PM)

Fairmead resident Betty Williams presented the poem “The Negro Mother” by Langston Hughes. Fairmead Friend Crystal Fletcher lead the group in singing the official National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) “Lift Every Voice and Sing” by James Weldon Johnson.

20160222_183408 20160222_185834 Dinner was a potluck of Southern dishes made by Fairmead residents and Fairmead Community & Friends and prepared for more than 80 community guests.

The times they are a changin but some unincorporated communities have not.

We need more exposure like this excellent article on the true facts of unincorporated communities in San Joaquin Valley.

Image REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

Our communities need extended support from our local governments just as we pay taxes in these counties. “The times they are a changin” but some of the unincorporated communities have not and they won’t if we don’t continue to be heard.