About FC & F

In 2007 the grassroots community group of Fairmead Community and Friends was established. Our 501c3 nonprofit continues to have the vision of making Fairmead a better community by advocating for health justice, safer environments, and community resources.

Fairmead Community & Friends is now in its 10th year of advocating for the Fairmead community. Our main goal has always been to make our Fairmead community a better place for our residents and their families to live in.


Our Mission Statement

Changing Lives, Empowering People, Building a Better Community!

 Our Vision

Our vision is that our community will:

  • Foster hope and opportunity for all.
  • Strive to provide an environment that is safe and harmonious, rich in culture and where diversity is valued and encouraged.
  • Provide improved housing, schools, libraries, recreation facilities, commerce to provide goods, services and jobs to support resident’s needs.
  • Encourage community leadership to improve and maintain a community for a better quality of life for all and future residents.
  • Welcome, care for and serve others including the surrounding areas.